Government and Licensing

The business and real estate attorneys at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright regularly practice in government and administrative matters, including seeking legal entitlements and licenses of all kinds and lobbying. Our attorneys regularly work on business license matters in State and local jurisdictions, and handle all types of administrative claims.

Our administrative practice includes working with all government agenies at the local, state and federal levels in obtaining government approvals, appearing at government hearings (including zoning and land use hearings), negotiating resolutions of citations, and handling interactions between our clients and government officials of all kinds. We also handle appearances and defense of licensure proceedings before state and local agencies.

Our licensing practice is diverse and includes such varied licensing experience as:

  • Obtaining all types of local (Clark County, City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson, City of North Las Vegas and Boulder City) business licenses and land use entitlements
  • Handling applications for Nevada gaming licenses
  • Handling applications for Nevada liquor licenses
  • Nevada state business licenses, including such varied licenses as auction licenses and commercial licenses from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Obtaining federal licenses and approvals including Federal land subdivision approvals from the US Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection