Mechanics Liens

Are you a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier who is owed money from a construction project? Are you an owner whose land has been liened or a landlord whose tenant is building an improvement on your property? Are you a banker concerned whether your construction loan deed of trust will have priority over the mechanic’s lien claims of contractors working on the project you are funding? If so, the lawyers at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright can provide you with the top-flight and up-to-date legal advice and representation you will need to maneuver through Nevada’s mechanic’s lien statutes and case law and preserve your financial rights.

Our lawyers have litigated and lectured extensively in this area of the law. We have successfully represented numerous Southern Nevada and national and international contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors seeking payment from construction projects or defending against a variety of related claims.

We have also represented the interests of owners, banks and title companies in construction lien and lien priority disputes. Our litigation experience includes taking on cases from the initial pleadings phases, through settlement conferences or all the way through trial, on some of Southern Nevada’s largest construction projects, including: Las Vegas Convention Center expansions, McCarran Airport expansions, McCarran’s Consolidated Car Rental Facility, The Aladdin (now Planet Hollywood) Hotel construction, etc.

We have successfully represented and advised contractors, owners, banking institutions, and title companies in these disputes. We have represented a wide variety of clients, from local subcontractors to multinational corporations, including internationally known general contractors, banks, and title companies, in a variety of forums, including before the U.S. District Courts for the District of Nevada, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Nevada State Courts, Private Arbitration Panels, etc., and on appeal.

With our lawyers’ combined decades of experience in this field, we can assist you in a wide variety of areas involving your mechanic’s lien needs, including:

  • Properly perfecting mechanic’s liens, including through pre-lien notices, and recording effective mechanic’s liens (see our Mechanics Lien Validity Checklist)
  • Mechanic’s lien priority disputes
  • Assisting landlords in recording effective notices of non-responsibility
  • Prosecuting and defending lien foreclosure lawsuits
  • Prosecuting and defending payment claims on non-lienable government projects, including under the Federal Miller Act or comparable State “little Miller act” provisions
  • Prosecuting and defending claims against payment and performance bonds
  • Prosecuting and defending public and private prompt payment act litigation
  • Assisting in stop work notices and contract termination disputes