Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted by: on Mon, Apr 22, 2013

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Victims of motorcycle accidents in Nevada often suffer severe physical injuries, with prolonged recovery times. Serious injuries from motorcycle accidents are more likely, because motorcycles don’t offer the same physical protection as automobiles in accidents; a motorcyclist hit by a car or truck is left at risk for critical injuries or death. Las Vegas also has a higher number of tourists and drivers who have been drinking alcoholic beverages than in many other cities around the world. The motorcycle attorneys at Albright Stoddard are very familiar with all types of motorcycles, having owned and operated a wide variety of both on-road and off road motorcycles, street bikes, four-wheelers, ATV’s, etc.

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Because we have ridden motorcycles for years, we are well aware that even safety-minded motorcyclists who ride defensively can be injured by careless drivers not paying attention, who have had too much to drink, or are not familiar with the busy streets and intersections in Las Vegas. Negligent drivers often fail to see motorcycles before the collision. Accidents can happen when inattentive automobile drivers do not maintain a safe distance or yield the right-of-way to motorcycles. Riders can be just one distracted driver away from a serious injury.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Nevada motorcycle accident, you deserve maximum compensation. After a motorcycle accident, the other driver’s motor vehicle insurance company may contact you before you have had time to retain an experienced Las Vegas lawyer. They may offer you a fast settlement offer that seems like a lot of money. Injury claims from motorcycle accidents should never be settled before you get a chance to contact an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident personal injury attorney. Settlement of your claim may not be prudent until after your injuries have been adequately treated by health care professionals and your recovery has either been reached or your condition has stabilized.

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Without adequate legal advice, your motorcycle accident case could land you in dire financial difficulties, stuck with a low-ball settlement that doesn’t fully cover the costs of past, present or future medical treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, or lost wages. An experienced Nevada PI attorney also makes certain that you are adequately compensated for your lost future abilities, salaries or your pain and suffering. Motorcycle accident victims who sign on the dotted line without guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney may not get the full financial compensation they deserve and need.

When people hear about a motorcycle crash, they tend to immediately jump to the often erroneous conclusion that the motorcyclist was at fault. Many people believe that, in general, motorcyclists ride recklessly, go too fast and weave between lanes. Albright Stoddard attorneys know this is not true. We understand that the vast majority of motorcycle riders are safety conscious. Nevertheless, we also recognize the prejudice against motorcycle drivers and so we have to build our cases to overcome preconceived prejudices of the insurance carriers and members of the jury. This usually will require expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction experts to show that the motorcycle driver was not at fault.

From the moment your Nevada motorcycle accident happens, the clock begins ticking on actions you must take to get the money you’re entitled to recover. Evidence of what happened can quickly disappear in the bustling traffic of Las Vegas. We have seen cases where the skid marks and other evidence of an accident quickly disappear under the dust, rain and traffic in our desert city. Important time limits for motorcycle injury claims begin to run. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can give advice on your legal rights after a motorcycle accident and take fast action to preserve evidence and meet court and statutorily imposed deadlines.

We provide personal and compassionate representation that keeps each client educated and informed about every aspect of their case. Our lawyers strive to achieve the best possible outcome in each case, never settling for an unreasonable offer. This is not a paralegal mill where you rarely meet or speak with an attorney. You can call our attorneys to discuss your case and receive personal service.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should speak immediately to a personal injury attorney who practices motorcycle accident law. Call Albright Stoddard at 702-384-7111 immediately.

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