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The aggressive litigators at Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright handle personal injury matters, toxic torts, medical malpractice and various other types of injury related matters, such as those listed below. Mark Albright was selected in 2014 as one of the “10 Best” Personal Injury Attorneys for the State of Nevada by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA). The AIOPIA is an impartial third-party Attorney rating service recognizing excellence of fellow practitioners in the field of Personal Injury law. In 2015, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys successfully recovered $1,000,000 for a client involved in an accident and then recovered an additional $750,000 for the injured client from his UIM policy.

personal injuryWe have handled countless major accident cases, both for plaintiffs and defendant, including multi-car head-on collision on U.S. 95, double fatality; car drove off highway at Lake Mead National Park, resulting in deaths of both occupants; construction accidents; glass fixture falling on head of restaurant customer at Four Seasons; victim crushed between two semi-tractor trailers at truck stop, resulting in two crushed femurs and insertion of titanium rods; single car roll-over in Arizona injuring occupants, with multiple injuries to occupants; rear-end collision on Blue Diamond Road at intersection, causing multiple neck and back injuries; child injured on school play-ground tug-of-war when rope wrapped around student’s wrist; class action regarding workers injured at construction project at Yucca Mtn.; pedestrian trip and fall over parking lot broken tire bumper; ready mix truck collision with fork lift, resulting in fall and broken leg, and countless other matters.

injuryOur firm is not a paralegal mill where you never meet the attorneys. In fact, our litigation teams look forward to meeting with our clients face to face to discuss your case. In high stakes litigation, multiple attorneys will be involved in handling various aspects of your case. In a recent serious accident case, four of our experienced attorneys drove to the accident scene for an inspection and analysis. We have handled countless vehicle accidents, premises liability matters, and pedestrian-auto cases. We also handle medical malpractice and legal malpractice matters.

Opposing parties know that we are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. The firm successfully defended a general contractor in a bench trial, which lasted intermittently for well over a year, arising out of the construction of a major Strip hotel. At the time, it was the longest bench trial in Clark County history. The firm recently won a jury verdict in excess of $1 million in a case involving complex negligence and malpractice issues.

The firm has also represented numerous claimants in various hotel construction trials, and recently successfully defended the lender against dozens of lien claimants relating to the construction of the Aladdin hotel/mall project in Las Vegas. The firm played a key role in the three-week federal jury trial against Equinox International, which resulted in the recovery of some $40 million for victims of an illegal pyramid scheme. Other trials include the Resort at Su

top 100

mmerlin, MGM and Sunrise Suites Hotel. The firm also represented one of the main defendants (mechanical engineer) in the famous Hilton Hotel fire cases (where 8 died and over 200 were injured). The firm also recently defended Bridgestone Japan from a major product liability claim.

Mr. Bud Stoddard joined the firm 2006 after leaving the Los Angeles office of a major, international law firm where he practiced in one of the most highly regarded products liability defense practice groups in the nation (Bud graduated number 1 in his class from the UNLV law school). Since joining ASWA, Bud also represents a select group of personal injury clients, using his experience as a former insurance defense trial attorney. Of course, Bud also continues to assist in insurance defense matters, using his background as a former insurance defense trial attorney and Federal law clerk.

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Representative Personal Injury Actions:

Client’s legs crushed by semi-trailer accident in Utah due to negligence of truck driver, resulting in two titanium rods being placed in both broken femurs.
Client sustained severe wrist and shoulder injuries when his motorcycle collided with car making negligent turn on East Sahara Ave, requiring titanium plates and screws.
Client suffered back and neck injuries when her car was rear ended at intersection near Blue Diamond Rd.
Client was passenger in car and suffered multiple injuries when driver rolled car off the highway in Arizona.
Client suffered severe mouth, neck, back and head injuries when large disco ball dislodged from ceiling in Golden Nugget hotel/casino showroom and fell on his head (12 broken teeth).
Client sustained broken spine, pelvic when car hit at intersection on Boulder Highway.
Double fatality on U.S. 95 involving head-on collision between two trucks (settlement in excess of million dollars).
Double fatality near Lake Mead when car left roadway due to lack of adequate signage (settlement for maximum amount allowed by Federal Tort Claims Act).
Class action suit on behalf of Yucca Mountain workers who sustained silicosis and cancer due to dust unsafe work conditions at federal installation.
Jury verdict (six figures) as result of negligence and malpractice.
Playground accident involving tug of war resulting in near amputation of child’s arm.
Motorcyclist rider sustained crushed shoulder and permanent arm injuries when auto driver pulled out in front causing collision; failure to yield right of way case.
Claimant tripped and fell in commercial parking lot over parking bumper (defense).
Famous Hilton Hotel fire, resulting in 8 deaths and 200 injuries, (defense).
Dog bite victim claim against owner of aggressive pet dog.
Claim against boat owner for accident (jumping wake) on Lake Mead resulting in senior citizen fracturing spine (lumbar vertebrae).
Pedestrian hit by negligent car driver in Las Vegas, resulting in numerous injuries.
We screen several medical malpractices cases per year and have them reviewed by medial authorities.

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